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Insurance Fiil e-motion

£9,90 / month £118,8 per year during a
maximum of 5 years.

✓ Dedicated Hotline

✓ Coverage for damage and theft

✓ Bike repair or get a compensation

✓ Coverage for accidental damage

✓ Coverage for vandalism

United Kingdom

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More than a simple insurance, peace of mind is guaranteed for you and your bike for only £9,90 per month.


Always there for you

Having an issue ? A question ? Fiil e-motion customer service is there for you. Write to them at hello@fiile-motion.com

Comprehensive insurance

A really good thief stole your bike ? Get compensation with your insurance and be back on track in no time*

PS: Don't forget to report your bike theft to authorities within 48h. Your bike got damaged because of nature's wrath, envious persons lost it or as a result of an accident ? Your bike will be able to be repaired* in an authorised repair centre or you will be compensated*

* After payment of a contractual franchise of 10%. Se the general terms and conditions and exclusions in case of theft and/or material damage.


A simple and fast subscription
in 3 clicks

You can subscribe when you buy your bike on the web site or directly from this page*.

* Subject to certain conditions

Fiil e-motion Insurance in more details

• We cover your bike all year round for up to maximum 5 years.

• This insurance policy is intended for Fiil e-motion only.

• The insurance is intended for people aged 18 and over who are officially resident in the United Kingdom.

• Your bike is intended for private or commercial use (e.g. as a courier, deliveries, etc.).
• If your bike is stolen, we will reimburse you after deducting the excess.

• We will also reimburse you for damage if it is the result of an attempted theft.
• Your bike is covered against damage resulting from accidents, vandalism, flooding, fire and other external factors.

• We will reimburse you for the cost of repairs after application of the Excess.
Once the insurance is purchased, you will then receive a confirmation e-mail from Fiil e-motion. As soon as you receive your bike, follow the procedure you will receive by email to activate the insurance. Once the insurance is activated, you will receive a confirmation email from Fiil e-motion with your policy schedule, general conditions and cancellation form.

In case of theft or total loss:

• Contact us here to report a claim.
• You will receive a compensation by bank transfer corresponding to the value of your bike minus the excess.

If your bike needs repair:

• Contact us here to report a claim.
• You will be compensated for the repairs. You will have to go to a repair shop.
• If it is not possible to repair your bike, you will receive compensation for the amount of the insured bike minus the excess by transfer to your bank account.
• In the event of theft and total loss: You have an excess of 10% of the total insured value, with a minimum of £50 and a maximum of £200 per claim.

• In the event of repairable material damage: You have an excess of 10% of the total insured value, with a minimum of £50 and a maximum of £200 per claim.
• If the theft of the bike occurs when the bike is not locked by the frame or app lock provided by the manufacturer

• If the bike was in a place accessible to the public and was not secured to a fixed point by the frame with an agreed lock and not locked according to the manufacturer's instructions, such as a frame lock or locking by means of an application.

• If the bike was in a locked common room and was not secured to a fixed point by the frame with an agreed locked and not locked according to the manufacturer's instructions, such as a frame lock or locking by means of an app.

• If the wheels, tyres or battery are stolen separately from the bike, they will not be covered.

• If you cause damage to a third party while riding your bike, the insurance does not cover your liability.

• Purely aesthetic damage is not covered (e.g. scratches or dents).

• Damage resulting from a breach of trust or fraud is not covered.

• Damage resulting from the participation in a Bike sport event is not covered.
• You will not be covered if you make technical modifications to the bike. However, you can add accessories such as a mudguard or a child seat, but these will not be covered under this insurance unless they are originally delivered and fixed to the bike (for a maximum amount of £ 100).
• Theft and material damage cover is valid in the country of the United Kingdom
• In the event of theft, you must report it to the police or judicial authorities within 24 hours.

• You must submit a copy of the police report to us when filing your claim.

• You must notify the claim as soon as possible after the incident and within 8 days of becoming aware of it.

• You must keep the original invoice for your bike.

• You must lock your bike in two ways

1. With the frame lock and / or via the application on the bike (if applicable).

2. You must attach your bike by the frame using an agreed lock, either ABUS BORDO (Security 10 or higher), ART (category 2 or higher), FUB (category 2 wheels or higher), or Sold Secure Silver (or Gold) to a fixed point (e.g. bike rack, post).
• You can cancel the insurance contract within 14 calendar days of taking out the contract or receiving it.

• You can cancel your insurance if a renewal of your insurance is offered. You must notify Fiil e-motion no later than 10 days before the start date of your new policy.

• You can also cancel the insurance contract after a claim. You have 15 (fifteen) days from the date of payment or refusal to pay compensation. The insurance contract will then expire 15 days after the date of notification.
•You pay the premium annually.

•Your bike can be covered for a maximum of 5 consecutive years.

•Your contract has a duration of one year and a renewal may be offered by Fiil e-motion every year.

•At the end of three years, we will not offer renewal. This way, you will never overpay given the depreciation of the bike over time.
•If you wish to report a claim, you can contact Fiil e-motion by email athello@fiile-motion.com.

•You can reach Fiil-emotion from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm on +44 207 126 7171. Or by email at hello@fiile-motion.com
•89% of the insurance premium goes straight back into the Fiil e-motion community: fixing your damage and/or replacing it when stolen or non-repairable. •The remaining 11% keeps Fiil e-motion's wheels spinning (portfolio management, marketing, operations, IT, actuary, etc..).