First Steps

When you receive your Fiil e-motion, we invite you to download the Fiil e-motion app via iOS or Android which will allow you to use and be connected to your bike at all times.

We invite you to create a Fiil e-motion account because the application is only used for you to be connected to the bike.
You just need to be within range of your bike to be able to lock or unlock it using the padlock button on your profile.
You can deactivate the "Alarm" function on your Fiil e-motion at any time to transport it more easily or when you move it in a vehicle.
You can restart your Fiil e-motion in the event of a bug by keeping one of the buttons pressed for 10 seconds.
Your invoice is printed and attached to your bike order.

However if it is not there, you will receive it in electronic format by email the days following your delivery, otherwise do not hesitate to send us an email at, mentioning in the subject line: Invoice "order number".
The day or the day after receiving your bike, we will send you the approval certificate by email.
You have followed all the instructions and your mobile app says "Not found" or "bike already installed", please contact us at
1.Download the latest version of the Fiil e-motion app from the IOS or Android store
2.Connect your 100% charged battery to your bike and secure the lock
3.Press one of the comodos on your bike
4.Open your app, go to settings at the bottom right, click on "add a bike"
5.Follow the instructions on your phone screen
6.Configure your PIN code, preferences and addresses
7.Explore your city with Fiil e-motion
Updates to your bike are automatic and are done in the background so that you can use it during the entire upgrade process.

In the event that this update does not take place automatically, you can do it via the mobile app through the settings, then system tab, click on reset the update then check the update (if reset the update is not visible you can click directly on check for update)

You must be connected to wifi or have data (we recommend data) as well as the latest version of the mobile app by checking in your IOS or Google store. Your bike must be running.

You will see a "in progress" message to the right of Check for updates and then a percentage representing the upload of the new software version on your bike. If no percentage is displayed after 5 minutes, please close and relaunch your mobile app.

By sliding up on your cockpit screen you will also be able to see the progress of the update at the bottom left.
For the latest updates, you can check out the most recent discussion on this topic by following this link.
You have two options:
-By directly sliding up on the screen of your cockpit
-In your mobile app in your bike settings
Before using your Fiil e-motion, we recommend that you charge the battery to 100%. Your charger has an indicator light that will turn green when your battery is fully charged.
To ensure the protection of your Fiil e-motion during transport, we apply a protective film to your top cockpit, because it may get bumped around during transport. Therefore, it is necessary to remove it in order to be able to check the bike's condition and benefit from the quality of the Fiil e-motion touch screen.

First kilometres

A pop-up window relating to the location is displayed the first time the app is launched. You must accept this permanent tracking to benefit from the GPS function of your phone in the best way.

To subsequently activate it, you will need to:
•Go to the Settings app
•Select the Fiil e-motion app at the bottom of the main menu
•And finally change the “Location” by choosing “always active”.
and 11 ? When you use the Fiil e-motion application for the first time, or after an update to version 1.1.11, a new authorisation request will be displayed after your authentication.

This authentication is required to operate the navigation function on your Fiil e-motion bike.

Android 10:
Just click on the "Always allow" choice

Android 11:
Click "Allow this in settings".
This will open your system settings, and you can enable permanent location tracking via the "Always allow" choice.

Subsequent procedure:

If you have not chosen the "always allow" option, you can change your choice by following this procedure. Go to your system settings.

And select "Apps & Notifications". Then select the Fiil e-motion application Then click on "Authorisation"
Then select "Location" Finally, choose the option "Always allow"
You can activate the indicators and the horn remotely.
If you see your bike close to you on the app but you can't see it on the street, you can click on the "report" button and the horn and your lights will come on. You must be within the bluetooth range.
We advise you to remove the battery and then put it back because this usually means that there is a communication shortage between your cockpit and your battery.
Otherwise, you can restart your bike by holding down on any button for 10 seconds. I
It is possible that during set up, an inversion of the buttons has occurred. To correct this error, just go to:

Settings (at the bottom left of your app tab bar)> preferences> button controls. The colours of the circles must match the correct indicator light.
Our team is at your disposal to answer your problems within 24 hours via the email
Some users have been able to tell us about certain power cuts or front / rear lights. This can be explained by several reasons:

-Your rear battery is disconnected: in this case a message on the screen of yourcockpit will appear saying "connect battery"; check that you have properly lockedyour battery on the dock before use;

-Your bike has suffered an unexpected shock and the engine has cut out.

In both cases, removing and replacing the battery allow the bike to restart its functions.

If this does not work, it is possible that your bike or battery has a fault, please contact so that we can take care of this issue.
Our users have sometimes reported that the rear battery becomes discharged when the bike is in standby mode.

Several causes may be responsible:
-The internal battery is recharged with the rear battery, so it is normal that as long as the internal battery is not 100% charged that your rear battery is discharged;

-You use the mobile app to track your bike, which keeps your bike awake;
-Your bike is subject to movements.

However, if neither of these things has happened, we kindly ask you to contact support at

In any case, we work with our technical team to continuously improve battery life. Future updates will help improve your experience.
When your rear battery is not connected and your bike is unlocked, at the top of the screen you can see the remaining battery life of your internal battery used for the bike's tracking and screen display functions.

When the rear battery is connected, you only find the battery life of your external battery with the number of km of range relating to the last connected electric assistance programme.
When you slide your cockpit screen upwards, you can use the pictogram on the far left to change the operating mode of your lights between:

•Always on
•Always off
•Automatic (pictogram with a small a): a detector on the top of the cockpit detectsthe brightness
Since their latest updates, Apple and Google's OS have limited the use of data and Bluetooth when your phone is on standby.

So, you should activate the use of data and Bluetooth for the Fiil e-motion app in your confidentiality settings, even when the app is in the background (i.e. as soon as you are not using it, but it is in your pocket while riding).
We noticed that some riders suffered punctures shortly after receiving their bike.

This is unfortunately due to a movement of the rim tape which may occur during transport or in the event of improper handling.

Corrective actions have been taken but if you encounter this issue, please contact so that we can take care of this issue.

Help / Complaints

When you receive your Fiil e-motion, you may see some cracks on the frame of your bike.
Don't panic, just remove the plastic on the frame.
We were told by several users that assistance could be cut off.

Several reasons can cause this fault:

•loss of communication with the battery: check that your battery is locked; •sudden shock resulting in a micropower cut: remove and replace the battery 10slater; •loss of communication with the controller.

We have set up a diagnosis system on the bike thanks to your screen which will send you an error code (the series of numbers and letters at the top right of the red rectangle, which will be made more readable in future updates).
In order to report a problem, incident or bug and to ensure we can quickly process your request, please complete send email to:
In order to be able to return your Fiil e-motion bike, all you have to do is send the email to:

We will contact you within 48 hours to set up the logistics for the return. Once the bike is returned, we will inspect it to verify that it is back in the condition it was delivered in, and issue the refund based on that condition.